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To begin with, I think being a nudist/naturist is a self-diagnosed ailment. There isn't any precise checklist of characteristics, and I can not descri

I consider myself a nudist/naturist because the skill to be clothing-free, sky-clad, naked, is important if you ask me. It doesn't obstruct with the fabric segments of my life, but being a nudist/naturist is on the list of characteristics with whi read more...

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A Warm Reception Given To LA World Naked Bike Riders Through Los Angeles

LA Naked Bike Ride 2015 and Introducing a fresh column - the SCNA Naturist Review:
Felicity has requested me / SCNA to contribute regular articles here on the FKK web site concerning the naturist movement, and especially what is occurring in a read more...

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Young Nudists Pushing Nudism Into The Future!

Someone wise said to me recently, You can't look backward and forward at the same time. This is so accurate! If we focus only on yesteryear and where we've come from, we miss the chance to to focus on where we are now and which direction we choos read more...

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Body image panics and the dreaded locker room shower!

Guest Site By: Anonymous
Body Image Anxieties At The Gym Showers
My first experience with social nudity and being bare in a public setting was a lot less extreme than I would have initially believed. I have been dreading this day for all o read more...

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My Naked Finland Experiences of 2014: Helsinki WNBR, Nakukymppi Unclothed Run & Finnish Bare Saunas

Modeling alongside a statue of legendary runner Paavo Nurmi in Helsinki
Helsinki World Naked Bike Ride
Sadly it was pouring cold rain for the WNBR. I took part bottom-free as a way to avoid risking hypothermia and we were about a doze read more...

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FKK Membership: Affiliate Nudist Clubs & More

List Of Associated Nudist Clubs and Businesses:
For our officialFKK membership, we are going to be working with naturist clubs, resorts, positions and organizations open to giving a discount rate to FKK members. For some naturist clubs, this d read more...